Silvia Marinache

Director and Founder

Silvia opened Kids’ Canvas in 2009 while searching for a fun social environment for her daughter. She noticed a lack of appropriate child care options in her own neighborhood, Bushwick and decided to offer arts classes to local kids. She offers visual and performing arts opportunities for kids in a setting that promotes learning, fun and healthy social interaction. Silvia holds a degree in Biomedical Engineering from Columbia University and has completed graduate courses in Early Childhood Education at Brooklyn College and Executive Education courses at Harvard Business School. She is also a founding member of the Bushwick Food Cooperative. Her two children both attended Kids’ Canvas.

Suzana Heeren

Early Childhood Teacher and Educational Director

Suzana is a NYS Certified Teacher with a Master’s Degree in Development Education and Global Learning from the University of London. She has worked with young students in a wide range of educational settings, always with a passion and focus on early learning. Suzana believes young children learn through play, exploration, and hands-on experiences that are meaningful to them. She strives to provide a curriculum that is engaging, child-led, and process based, where experiences are more important than outcomes. She also aims to create a warm, fun and safe classroom environment that encourages creativity, independence and compassion in learners. Suzana believes that early educational experiences are building blocks that play a pivotal role in creating life-long learners. Originally born in Brazil, Suzana has been living in Brooklyn for ten years with her partner and two children.

Liliana Salamone

Spanish and Classroom Teacher

Lily is a native Spanish speaker from Colombia. She introduces children to the Spanish language through reading and songs. Lily has a degree in Respiratory Therapy and is a mother of two children who attended Kids’ Canvas in their preschool years.