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Caregiver and Me Classes for 1-2 year olds

No Class Feb 21 and 22. We are closed for mid-winter break.

Caregiver and Me Classes for children 1-2 yrs are held from 3:30 - 4:15 pm in our school at 1433 Dekalb Avenue. Cost is $25 per child, and $40 for two children. This is not a drop-off class and caregivers must remain with children for the entirety of the session. Email us at play@kidscanvasnyc.com with the date and class you wish to register for or for more information.

Tuesday: Artful Play with Ms. Arianna
In this Caregiver and Me class, the instructor will guide students and caregivers in a variety of hands on, open-ended, sensory play stations that will help promote creativity through exploration and discovery. Our goal is to help our young artists and caregivers alike find enjoyment in engaging in early art experiences together. Come create with us!

Arianna is a NYS certified teacher with a Master's of Science in Early Childhood and Arts Education and over 5 years experience in teaching children.

Wednesday: Sensory Exploration with Ms. Suzana
Join us for an afternoon of sensory exploration! In this class children will have the opportunity to experience and play with a variety of materials and textures. The tools provided will invite children to touch, collect, sort, scoop and pour while developing their imagination and fine motor skills. Sensory play, as a natural way of exploring the world, is a perfect opportunity for young children to have fun, explore their senses, socialize in age appropriate ways, and develop language.

Suzana is a certified teacher with a Master's Degree in Development Education and Global Learning. Suzana has years of experience in diverse settings working with young learners.